Pep 0.4 API Documentation

Package edu.osu.ling.pep

Interface Summary
ParserListener Listens to an Earley parser, receiving notifications as the parser adds edges to the chart or scans the input string.

Class Summary
Category A category in a grammar.
Chart A chart produced by an Earley parser.
DottedRule Extension of Rule that maintains a dot position within the rule.
EarleyParser An Earley parser, named after the inventor of the algorithm it implements.
Edge An edge in a chart produced by an Earley parser.
EdgeEvent An event generated when an edge is added to a chart in Earley parsing.
Grammar Represents a context-free grammar (set of production rules).
Parse Represents a parse completed by an Earley parser.
ParseErrorEvent An event triggered when an error occurs during parsing.
ParseEvent An event generated by an Earley parser having to do with a completed parse.
ParserEvent Abstract class for Earley parser events.
ParserOptionEvent An event generated by an option being set on an Earley parser.
ParseTree A parse tree that represents the derivation of a string based on the rules in a Grammar.
Pep Command line front end for Earley parsers.
Rule Represents a production rule in a context-free grammar.

Enum Summary
ParserOption An option used to configure an Earley parser.
Status Reflects the status of a parse completed by an Earley parser.

Exception Summary
PepException An exception thrown in the process of running Pep.

Pep: Pep is an Earley parser

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